The proposed courses would introduce the students to the various techniques, research methodologies and analyzing the major types of financial decisions currently in practice in the industry. The course will consist of lecture session totaling of 25 hours. Lecture notes, presentations and study material from each course session will be available.

There will also be weekly problem sets due, and an assessment at the end of the session. Students have to submit two assignments and a project report as the output for the course.

Let’s understand the flow with the example of the Corporate Finance module….

This module provides a market-oriented framework for analyzing the major types of financial decisions made by corporations. Our programs are designed to address the student’s individual learning needs, fill knowledge gaps and deliver a practical approach to finance training for any career stage or specialization. The students would be taken through live example and they would be taught to browse through the current data and reports and analyze the same.

For example in the corporate finance module the faculty would demonstrate how to analyze an important sector like Pharma by taking the example of Glenmark. The students will then be given an assignment of analyzing the data of two other companies from the pharma sector - Dr. Reddy’s and Sun Pharma.

In this process the students learn and apply financial concepts like ratio and financial analysis, benchmarking the comparable companies and in depth industry analysis, fundamental analysis, financial modeling, relative valuation methods etc by working on live current market data and being guided at each step by an industry professional faculty.

This example will give you a brief idea of how this assignment works. The participants are provided the base data from the company’s annual report, as shown below:




Then the faculty guides them through the steps to analyze the data using various techniques and then draw inferences on the company performance and prospects.









The students are then given an assignment of analyzing the financial data of another company in the same sector e.g. Dr. Reddy’s laboratories.



They use the same tools and techniques demonstrated by the faculty in the earlier case to derive the results. The faculty guides them and provides feedback to help the stay on course. This way they gain the experience of working on assignments similar to what they will do on the job.



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