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Tamal Bandyopadhyay

Tamal Bandyopadhyay is an Indian business journalist known for his weekly column on banking and finance, Banker's Trust, which appears every Monday in Mint, India's second largest read financial daily. One of the founding Editors of Mint, Tamal is currently a Consulting Editor of the paper.

For about two decades he has keeping a close watch on the developments in Indian finance. He had worked with three other business dailies before Mint.

He is also an adviser to Bandhan Bank Ltd, a new universal bank which was India's largest microfinance company before its transformation into a bank in 2015.

Tamal has written three non-fiction best sellers. His newest book is `Bandhan: The Making of a Bank', a Penguin-Random House publication.

His first book, `A Bank for the Buck' traced India's new bank movement and the story of HDFC Bank Ltd, the most valued Indian bank.

Tamal was slapped with a Rs200 crore defamation suit to stall the publication of `Sahara: The Untold Story', his second book on shadow banking and the Sahara group.