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Certification in Financial Crime (CFCS)

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Financial Crime Training Courses

Accelerate your career by getting the Certified financial crime specialists (CFSC) certification in financial crime, provided by Association of Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS), a global organization owned by BARBRI International.

The certification aims to impart training to enhance knowledge and skills in financial crime prevention and detection that is important to protect oneself and the organization from fraudsters.

Issues like money laundering, fraud, corruption, bribery, sanctions, data security, cyber fraud etc. are complicated and interconnected activities that require a comprehensive and focused study and approach.

To evolve as a 'professionals of tomorrow', it is important to take up the increased fiduciary responsibility to prevent and detect any financial fraud & crime, within the organisation and outside.

To cater to this need of the hour, increase awareness, alertness about the fraud happenings domestically and worldover, information and education imparted by ACFCS plays a vital role.

ACFCS has the most comprehensive and holistic approach covering every aspect of financial and cyber crime, which is as follows -

  • Anti -Money Laundering
  • Fraud
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Cybersecurity
  • Tax Evasion
  • Sanctions
  • Compliance Programs
  • Money and Commodities
  • Investigations
  • Asset Recovery
  • International Standards
  • Ethics

  • Financial Compliance Certification

    In this era of globalization and advancement of technology, practical tools and knowledge help professionals improve results in financial crime detection and prevention.

    Objectives of the Course

    In these days of greater threats and greater regulatory scrutiny, all organizations are required to take steps to ensure they have a holistic view of risk in any of its forms — not just money laundering. To avoid either monetary loss or reputational loss, or sometimes both, this knowledge is very vital to exist.

    ACFCS helps in the following manner:

  • Capitalize on the commonalities of financial crime
  • Develop a cohesive, more effective global strategy
  • Leverage shared tools, techniques and expertise
  • Streamline procedures
  • Improve results and cut costs by early detection and prevention

  • By becoming CFCS-certified, professionals/candidates validate their competency in multiple areas and demonstrate they are ready to tackle a wide range of challenges in financial crime detection and prevention.

    Differentiator & Credentials of the Course
    The CFCS Certification recognizes that financial crime issues do not exist in isolation perpetrators of fraud schemes become money launderers, and corrupt public officials become tax evaders, to provide just two examples.

    That’s why the CFCS certification takes a more comprehensive and converged perspective to the financial crime spectrum, unlike the other training programs.

    It is well recognized globally and domestically and pursued by professionals across 83 jurisdictions.

    The global regulatory bodies, government agencies, banks, institutions, corporates are getting their personal trained in the financial crime arena through CFCS resources.

    Features of the CFCS EXAM

    The study CFCS certification is done virtualy by reading and downloading the given material and attending preparatory webinars. It is a scenario based study and exam, helping a professional to become alert and vigilant about financial crime and understand compliance to international regulations in a better manner. It is not country specific and imparts knowledge of globally applicable regulations – FATCA, FCPA etc.

    The CFSC certification exam is conducted at Kryterian centres all over India The exam can be taken any time on being prepared, You could book your time slot and centre online at Kryterion Centres.

    Additional Membership Benefits

    Financial crime is an ongoing study as forms of committing crime have been evolving specially driven by technology advancement.

    Thus, besides the CFCS certification, ACFCS also includes one –year free membership giving access to a plethora of free training resources and information mentioned below.

    Webcasts and Podcasts: Conducted each month focusing on current topics impacting our industry.

    • Best practices: As the industry shifts and changes, navigating information based on what industry experts implement as “best practices.”

    • Interviews with experts: Access to library of one-on-one interviews with individuals who have become recognized as experts in their field of financial crime.

    • White papers: Archives of whitepapers on a deep area of subjects pertaining to financial crime.

    • News articles: Stay up-to-day with daily news monitored everything happening in our industry.
    This keeps one updated and briefed on the financial crime happening across the globe and leanings from case studies helps one to understand measures to be taken.


    The cost of the certification for India is presently discounted by nearly 40%, thus reduced from USD 1695 to USD 995.
    (for Indian students only)

    The above cost includes 1 year complimentary membership, CFCS exam, CFCS Exam Study Manual, Online CFCS Exam Prep Webinars. Thus, no additional cost is to be incurred by the candidate.

    Admission Procedure
  • Register online by Completing this form (Please create a short form on your site)

  • Once you register, BSE Institute will send you the payment link. On payment, you will have access to an electronic copy of the CFCS Certification Examination Preparation Manual and access to the CFCS Online Exam Preparation Seminar (live and on-demand), as well as other prep resources and one year of membership of ACFCS.

  • To avoid imparting too much information and confusing the candidate, we can omit the below and specify it in our mail for registration and FAQ.

  • On being prepared you can book your seat online at the Kryterion Centre. You may take the examination at any one of more than 900 Kryterion testing centers worldwide and many in India.

  • Simultaneously, you can complete the CFCS application showing your experience, work history and trainings before or up to 90 days after taking the CFCS exam. Until the application is approved you are considered a CFCS in waiting. Application form is enclosed. The CFCS credits are awarded as follows:

    • • Professional experience (Maximum 20 credits allowed)
      Calculate the percentage of time spent on financial crime and related activities in the three (3) consecutive years prior to submission of the CFCS application. Multiply this percentage by 20 credits (% Time Spent on Financial Crime x 20). This is documented by listing your employer and previous employers along with your job tasks.

    • • Education (Maximum 15 credits allowed)
      Choose one degree. They are not cumulative and may be documented by either taking a picture of your degree or submitting your transcripts.
    • • I have also attached a picture that you could use for the home page display of CFCS certification.

    • A High school or GED equivalent 5 Credits
      B Associate degree or equivalent 7 Credits
      C Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 10 Credits
      D Post-graduate or Juris Doctor degree 15 Credits
    • • Training (Maximum 25 credits allowed) ACFCS and other training, including conferences, web seminars, live training, panels, e-learning, internal training, and other education and training, which may be provided by others, may be used for CFCS credits.
  • For students, the credits will be awarded based on their qualification and on-line training programs attended on ACFCS web portal. Until the credits are earned and application is approved you are considered a CFCS in waiting.