ACFCS Program



ACFCS Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Complete Training provides comprehensive guidance on the legal, compliance and enforcement aspects of one of the most significant developments in the financial crime field in the past decades.

FATCA began as US a law aimed at curbing offshore tax evasion by US persons, but its impact on global tax compliance and financial transparency have been far-reaching and profound. Its wide-ranging customer due diligence and reporting requirements make understanding FATCA compliance essential for most financial institutions worldwide.

Description of content
FATCA Complete by ACFCS provides more than 5 hours of engaging online training covering all key aspects of compliance with the law. The course is entirely self-paced and divided into five sections, with interactive elements throughout and scenario-based quiz questions at the end of each section.

You will learn:

  • An overview of why FATCA came into existence and its global context
  • The internal roles and structure of a FATCA compliance program
  • FATCA’s vocabulary and key terminology
  • Customer due diligence steps required for existing and new customers, including forms needed for various customer types
  • How to carry out FATCA registration and entities covered under the law
  • Reporting requirements, including necessary forms and penalties for non-compliance
  • Intergovernmental agreements and how they modify compliance duties
  • Essentials of FATCA compliance from the US institution perspective
  • And much more

  • Objective of the course
    By completing the course, you will understand FATCA’s key provisions and vocabulary, internal roles and responsibilities required for compliance, FATCA’s international framework, reporting requirements and more.
    While the course is geared to non-US financial institutions for understanding its implications and compliance.

    $399 (for Indian students only)