ACFCS Program



The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is one of the most important anti-bribery and corruption laws for any organization operating globally, and its provisions act as a de facto international standard for effective anti-corruption compliance programs.

With intensive FCPA enforcement by the US Department of Justice and SEC, and increasing scrutiny on corruption by many other countries, sound anti-corruption programs are a requirement for doing business internationally.

Get detailed guidance on the FCPA and best practices needed to safeguard your organization from corruption risk in this interactive, 3.5-hour online training from ACFCS.

By completing this training, you’ll be better equipped to comply with the FCPA and support anti-bribery and corruption compliance organization-wide.

Description & Objective
The course is designed as a broad-based introduction to the FCPA and anti-corruption compliance. It is appropriate for front-line staff and customer-facing roles, compliance professionals, or anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of this important financial crime law.

Built by professional instructional designers, the course includes interactive features, recall questions, and scenario-based quizzes to help users retain key information and apply principles and concepts.

$299 (for Indian students only)