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Certificate Program in Algo Trading


  • Level : Intermediate
  • Mode : Class Room
  • Eligibility : Graduate
  • Duration : 7 Months (FT)
  • Location : Mumbai
  • Start Date :TBA

Course Description

Trading has undergone a big paradigm shift in financial markets all around the world. Algorithmic Trading (abbreviated as Algo Trading) refers to trading that is carried out by computer programs. Currently, algorithmic trades account for the great majority of trades in most markets. There is substantial use of technology at each stage.

Quantitative Methods Algorithm Trading, both High-Frequency, and Low-Frequency, is now a very lucrative career. A new breed of trader known as Algo-Traders or Quant-Traders has arisen, with specific skill sets in high demand in the sector. In the financial markets, there are a variety of trading techniques that can be used, so enroll in our course and learn how to trade algorithms. To know more

Objective of the Course

  • To develop a greater understanding of Algorithmic Trading
  • to gain knowledge about various trading tactics
  • To Acquire Insight of Algorithmic Trading Risk Management
  • To have a better understanding of algorithmic trading and the auditing and compliance process that goes along with it
  • To put algo expertise to use in real-world trading
  • Make your own trading strategy and put them to the test.

Course Syllabus

  • Statistics for Financial Markets
  • Python: Foundations and Quant Functions
  • Trading Market Microstructure for Practitioners
  • Equity and Derivative Trading Foundations
  • Data Analysis in Python
  • Applying Machine Learning for Trading
  • Advanced Statistics for Quant Strategies
  • Certificate Program in Algo Trading Strategies
  • Trading & Back-testing Platforms
  • Portfolio Optimization & Risk Management
  • Options Trading & Strategies

Partner / University

BSE Institute Limited (BIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd. BIL inherits from BSE the knowledge and insights into the capital markets industry, garnered over the past 146 years. BSE Institute Limited offers a bouquet of courses related to financial markets for students interested in achieving and upgrading their skills in this field, ranging from Master’s program from Mumbai University, International PG programs and more than 100 plus short term certification courses in classroom & online mode. BIL is also involved in some special initiatives like BFSI Sector Skill Council of India, BSEVarsity.com and Zone Startups. BSE Institute Limited was assessed and certified with ISO 9001:2008


Key Takeaways

  • Python for algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis
  • Programmatically performing both technical and fundamental analysis 
  • API trading
  • Find out what forex algorithmic trading is all about.
  • Learn the fundamentals of designing a forex trading system.
  • Your first market order will be sent, modified, and closed.

Program Highlights


300+ world class practitioners
as faculty members

Our trainers and coaches are experts in their fields of study, with intensive knowledge
and industry experience that guide
their teaching methodologies.


Cutting edge curriculum

Each course is designed by industry-experts aligned to market demand.


Learning Design

Learn what is necessary, experiential
and hands on.


Globally recognized

Certifications recognized not just in
India but globally.


Gateway to International opportunities

Build your learning credentials and use them for pathways to International Universities.


Iconic Campus

Iconic building and a place to meet merchant bankers regulators, market gurus to expand your network.

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