Basic Program on Mutual Funds Fact Sheet


This course will provide the participants with insights required to read a mutual fund fact sheet. Understand the various elements of a fact sheet thereby make correct decisions to invest in the fund. The course equips the participants to analyse and read the fact sheet before deciding which funds to invest in. The major aspects of the Fact Sheet that will be covered in this course are:

  • Performance
  • Industry allocations and portfolio holdings
  • Expense ratio
  • Scheme Details
  • Fund Managers
  • Day 1
    Session 1 Session 2
    Mutual Fund Concept Understanding Debt Market – Types of Debt Market – Money Market, Corporate Bond Market, Government Securities Market
    Structure, Role of AMC, Regulators etc. Concept of Credit rating, YTM, Modified Duration, Average Maturity, Expense Ratio etc.
    Types of Mutual Fund – Debt, Equity, Hybrid, Asset Allocation, Gold How the data is represented in Factsheet
    Various Types of Debt Fund – Liquid Fund, Short Term Debt Fund, Long Term Debt Fund, Credit Fund, FMP
    Session 3 Session 4
    Types of Equity Fund – Large cap, Midcap, Multi cap, Sector, ELSS., Style Box Ratio used in Mutual Fund – Sharpe Ratio, Standard Deviation, Treynor Ratio, Beta, Tracking Error etc.
    Performance comparison Direct and Regular Plans, Fees in Mutual Fund
    Types of Hybrid Fund – MIP, Balance Fund, Asset Allocation Fund etc. Taxation of Mutual Fund, Platforms for transaction in Mutual Fund
    Style of Management – Active, passive, Bottom Up, Top down, Value , growth etc.

    Participants attending the entire course shall be eligible to receive Participation Certificate from the BSE Institute Ltd.
  • Investors
  • Distributors of Mutual Funds
  • UTI Agents and other Mutual Fund Agents
  • Employees of Mutual Funds
  • Brokers
  • Sub-brokers
  • Financial Intermediaries and Investment Consultants Executives in Asset Management Companies
  • Portfolio Managers & Investment Advisors
  • 1 day
    10.00 am to 5.30 pm

    Rs. 4,375.00.00 + Applicable Taxes per participant inclusive of tuition fees, and (morning / evening) refreshments only.

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