Basic Program on Mergers & Acquisitions concepts


Mergers and Acquisitions are reshaping the corporate and competitive landscapes. To help companies gain a strategic advantage and expand market share, this M&A program will help the participant to acquire critical cross-functional perspective of the mergers and acquisitions process from strategy and valuation to execution and post-merger management.

Day 1
1. Broad overview of Financial Restructuring 3. Legal Issues
Changing shape of the corporates Companies Act, 2013
Developments in the competitive environment Sick Industrial Companies Act, 2013
Core competency-driven restructuring FEMA
Circumstances in which financial restructuring takes place Listing Agreement
Factors governing the M&A processes in India SCRA
2. Types of Restructuring- When are these strategies most appropriate? 4. Takeover Code
Assets Restructuring- Spin-off, Split-off, Split-up, De-merger, Divestment, Merger, Takeover, Joint Venture, Alliances 5. Tax Provisions
Liability side Restructuring- LBO, MBO, EBO, Leveraged Capitalization, Equity Reduction, Shares Buyback

Day 2
6. Mergers & Acquisitions- Strategic Perspectives 7. Valuation and Pricing of a company
SWOT Analysis of the company Modes of Valuation
Identification of the Target Company Earnings basis
Due Diligence Inquiry Asset basis
Selection of methods for merger or takeover Discounted Cash Flows (DCF)
Financing the acquisition Return on Investments (ROI)
8. Procedures and Processes in an M&A Return on Equity (ROE)
Step-by-step approach 9. Analysis of M&A Transactions - Case Study
Negotiating the acquisition agreement Experiences in an M&A dea
Finalising the deal, etc.

Participants attending the entire course shall be eligible to receive Participation Certificate from the BSE Institute Ltd.
  • Corporates
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investment Consultants
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • 2 days
    10.00 am to 5.30 pm

    Rs. 13,640.00 + Applicable Taxes per participant inclusive of tuition fees, and (morning / evening) refreshments only.

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