BSE's Certification on Options Trading (BCOT)


BSE's Certification on Options Trading(BCOT)

BSE Institute Ltd. conducts a test of 100 marks consisting of 60 questions. The questions are objective type having multiple choices, with a provision of negative marks for wrong answers.

BCOT is awarded to only those candidates who obtain a minimum of 60% marks. There is no minimum eligibility criterion for taking the test.

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To educate the participants about the basics of Options Trading and the various strategies used for trading options.

This certification is intended to evaluate your competency in Options Trading, therefore we do not want to restrict your preparation to a pre-defined course material. Hence no course material will be provided for the certification.

The topics covered in the certification are:

Options Basics
  • Concept of options, Understanding Call & Put, Option Moneyness, Option Styles, Options Greeks

  • Bullish option Strategies and their payoffs
  • Long Call, Short Put, Long Synthetic, Call Backspread, Call Bull Spread, Put Bull Spread, Covered Call, Protective Put, Collar

  • Bearish Strategies and their payoffs
  • Short Call, Long Put, Short Synthetic, Put Backspread, Call Bear Spread, Put Bear Spread

  • Neutral/ Volatile strategies
  • Long Straddle, Short Straddle, Long Strangle, Short Strangle, Long Guts, Short Guts, Call Time Spread, Put Time Spread, Call Ratio Vertical Spread, Put Ratio Vertical Spread, Long Call Butterfly, Short Call Butterfly, Long Put Butterfly, Short Put Butterfly, Long Condor, Short Condor
  • Derivatives Dealers, Stock Brokers, High Net Worth Investors, Custodians, Banks, Financial Institutions and Management Students; and anyone who is interested in options trading.

    120 minutes

    3 years

    Rs.1000.00 + Applicable Taxes

    Candidates interested in taking the test at any of the centres i.e Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi and Kolkata can make online payment of Rs. 1,150/- through BSE payment gateway by using Credit Card / Debit Card. Candidate can also approach the respective centres with a DD of Rs.1,150/- drawn in favour of “BSE Institute Ltd.” payable at the respective Centre.

    Fees once paid will not be refunded, validity period for the Fees would be 180 days from the date of the payment.


    Phone: 022 – 2272 8856 / 6535 5888

    Certification Examination (Outside Mumbai) for 25 or more candidates:

    For conducting Certification Examination for 25 or more candidates, contact:
    Govind Singh Sailoni 022 – 2272 8062