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A Masters In Fintech Makes You More Valuable Than An MBA (Finance)

Masters in FinTech

Yes you read that correctly! BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) & the University of Mumbai jointly offer a 2 years full time Masters in Financial Technology. Masters in Fintech course is designed to teach students all the subjects that an MBA in Financial Markets would teach them and will also help them gain expertise in Financial Technology.

FinTech or financial technology is a new concept that is getting traction all over the world. Payment banking, cryptocurrencies, algorithmic trading, net banking, etc are all examples of FinTech. Banks have been investing Billions of dollars annually to upgrade their infrastructure. Banks are able to build the systems easily, but are finding it difficult to employ skilled professionals who can handle this technology. It is for this reason that, people with knowledge about this industry are highly sought after and are offered Rs1 crore plus packages, sometimes right after college.

Students completing this course are highly sought after as they are taught by working industry professionals, who have at least a decade’s work experience in the industry. All faculties are actively involved in designing and teaching of the course. This is a huge advantage as they are all placed at senior positions in the industry and are sought after opinion makers, who are quoted regularly in the media.

The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd is Asia’s first stock exchange with a 143 year history and is today the biggest and the fastest stock exchange in the World. BSE Institute Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of BSE that was founded to promote working executives and students who are interested in the BFSI industry.

BIL aims to assist professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to growing the industry, their organizations, colleagues, employees. BIL offers multiple courses for professionals to learn from. With the institute present in BSE, the heart of Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, it gives students a chance to observe the industry and its events from a point that other institutes are unable to offer.

BIL courses are recognized by universities in UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. This gives students the opportunity to visit these campuses under student exchange programs and the option of exploring options there. BIL offers many short term and long term courses for those interested in building their careers or growing in the BFSI sector.

Masters in Financial Technology course consists of subjects like Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Principles of Financial Management, Peer to Peer networks, Blockchains, Digital currencies, Insuretech, Derivatives, Fund Management, Robo Advisors, Algorithmic Trading, Banking Technology & Operations, Cybersecurity applications and entrepreneurship management.

The curriculum is taught with business case studies, simulations and live industry examples that gives students an idea of what they can expect in the industry. This gives students the opportunity to pick up industry relevant skills and knowledge that lets them hit the ground running from day one. The knowledge learnt is not theoretical, but practical.

Mumbai University is most well-known educational institution that needs no introduction. It is one of the oldest and the most prestigious universities of India. It has over 5 lakh students studying some course with it at given point of time.

BIL has won multiple awards all over the World for the excellent skills and knowledge that students pick up while they study at BIL. Students successfully completing the course shall be given placement assistance and shall be placed at major financial institutions, global/ national banks, investment banks, Private Equities, etc. Students completing the course shall be awarded a degree by the University of Mumbai.


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