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A Masters With BSE Institute Gives You Opportunities That MBAs (Finance) Don’t Have

Masters From BSE Institute

A Masters degree with BSE Institute offers a unique blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing you for a successful career in finance. In fact, the opportunities available to graduates of this program go beyond what traditional MBA programs can offer.

Completing your MBA in Finance is said to be the easiest way to some of the best jobs in the World. Many people get international placements that pay them over $100,000 per annum and perks like a chauffeur driven car straight out of college.

This results in a lot of people believing that this is the best path for better career prospects, but what they don’t realize is that just a handful of MBAs across the country get opportunities like these! The majority of the MBAs are not placed in glamorous jobs like these.

It is always better to join an industry that is in its nascent stages, which shows good growth prospects and where the demand for professionals outstrips the supply.

Financial technology is one such industry that has been growing exponentially in the last few years. It’s less than a decade old and promises to disrupt the way banking and finance operate.

It is because of this reason that banks all over the world are investing billions of dollars every year in this industry. The major challenge faced by multinational corporations in this case is the shortage of skilled talent who can actually manage business operations in this industry.

Masters from BSE Institute:

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The institute is at the center of the country’s financial capital and is best placed to help students get a close view of the way the industry works. It was started to provide industry relevant skills and knowledge to students and working professionals. The courses and their curriculum are designed in collaboration with the industry in order to groom professionals with skills that are in great demand.

Masters in financial technology is spread over 4 semesters and students completing the course shall be awarded a degree by the University of Mumbai. The major subjects of the course are Financial Technology, Blockchains, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Markets – Equity, Debt, Derivatives, Commodity, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Fundamental & Technical Analysis, Investment Banking, Private Equities, Fund Management, etc.

The course curriculum is taught by senior industry veterans who have decades of work experience in the BFSI sector. They are placed at senior positions, highly respected and sought after opinion makers of the industry. The curriculum is designed keeping the current requirements of the industry in mind. Students are taught using case studies which are designed on the basis of current business problems. The aim is to ensure students think and can take decisions like industry professionals can way before they enter the industry. Being knowledgeable and proactive is a skill that is highly appreciated in any industry.

BIL and the University of Mumbai jointly offer a 2 years Masters in Financial Technology. Students will also get to intern with a major financial organization during the summer. This will be a chance for students to use their learnt skills and knowledge on live projects at their organizations. This is also a chance for them to bag a pre placement offer.

Mumbai University founded in 1857 is one of the oldest University of India. It has over 5 lakh students studying under it at any point of time. Its alumni are some of the most well-known professionals of the industry and support the university in developing the courses and curriculum.

Mumbai University offers a Master’s degree on successful completion of the course. Students will be provided with placement assistance at the end of the course. To know more about this course Click here.

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