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Get ready for a bull run in Stock Markets

The BSE Sensex took over 5 years to gain 10,000 points and reach 30,000, but analysts believe that the next 10,000 points could come in 3 years. It’s true. With business friendly policies in place, a slowing global economy and a growing Indian economy, things have never looked better for major corporations and business houses.

With the change of Government in 2014, investors have been wooed by the Govt with many industry and employment friendly policies. All these investor friendly decisions have resulted in a record amount of capital inflow into the markets. India has seen a capital inflow of over Rs 2 lakh crores since 2014 in the stock markets. The year 2017 alone has seen inflows of Rs 49,000 crores!

Investors have flocked to the country because of our strong financial markets. This has ensured that businesses get the working capital that they need, without the need to go abroad for financing. Major financial institutions now need many trained finance professionals who can help them to invest their capital appropriately and get the best rate of return.

Financial houses need professionals trained in project & corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, financial modelling, investment banking and other financial sectors to advise them and help them manage their capital. Hence, all students who are skilled in Global Financial Markets will be in great demand.

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