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How to manage your Investments amid COVID pandemic

The social and economic impact of COVID-19 is something unheard of. The market has also been reacting negatively to such news. In such uncertain times, all the investors are wondering what they should be doing next. As per the market experts, in times like this, the investors should think long-term rather than looking at near-term losses.

Whether the market is in crisis or not, an investor has to follow three things. One, he has to be a regular investor. Many people follow Income – Expenses = Savings. However, Income – Savings = Expenses are recommended by the investment experts. That way, you will always have some savings to do on a regular basis. Second, be a long-term investor. It is always the time in the market that makes the money for you. Third, please follow a disciplined asset allocation. Always maintain a balance between equities, debt and real estate. Now, bonds and real estate investments are volatile. But when you combine a portfolio with debt, equity, real estate and commodities, your returns will still be positive or moderate.

It is recommended that you stick to what you are doing and do not tinker too much with your investment right now. If you are a conservative investor, go into large caps. If you are an average investor, go for multip caps. And if you are an aggressive investor, invest in small and mid-caps. If you want to get into the nitty- gritties of Investment management, BSE Institute Ltd offers an Executive course on this.

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