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How to trade in Futures and Options?

Futures and options (F&O) have become very popular since the time it is launched. F&O accounts for most of the trading on the stock exchanges. The core reason for its popularity is, its instruments are handy for investors and traders. F&O is very important if you want to make the most of the ups and downs of the stock market since returns from equity have outperformed most other assets in the past few years.

Futures and options are derivatives, whose value derives from the underlying asset. There are many different kinds of assets on which derivatives are available. F&O is used for two main purposes. One is to hedge against price risks, another is to profit from changes in prices or speculations. Before investing in F&O, it is essential to get your basics right. So, BSE Institute Ltd offers a course on Mastering Futures & Opinions. To know more about this course, please visit

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