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If you want to build your wealth, this is the right time!

Consistent reforms in the Indian capital market, especially in the secondary market resulting in modern technology and online trading has revolutionized the stock exchange. Indian capital markets are poised as a fast-growing emerging market economy in the face of current turmoil and pessimism.

Over the years, the Indian capital market has experienced a structural transformation in that it now compares well with those in developed markets. The growth in the capital market is reflected in the development of stock markets. Positive indicators such as a stable 8-9 percent annual growth, GDP of $11.04 trillion, rising foreign exchange reserves of over US$ 513 billion, a booming capital market with the popular ‘Sensex’ index topping the majestic 36,000 marks. As per the market experts, it is the best time to invest in the capital markets if you are aiming to build your wealth.

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