The Napoleon of Modern Business


“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal” – Walt Disney. As a child, you might remember the times you were chosen to be a leader. It needn’t be for a huge event. It could even be the time you were elected as the captain of your cricket team while playing.

How did you feel in that very moment? I remember how I felt. I could feel a sense of responsibility on my shoulders, to make sure my team performs well, and wins the match.

The Ideal Leader

People often look at a leader and say that he/she is a born leader. Do you really think a person is born with all the qualities to be a leader? The answer is ‘NO’.

Although, yes, there are some people who are born with certain qualities that help them lead, but in the end, it is all about how eager you are to learn from your mistakes and bounce back.

How effective are you when it comes to observing the people around you. There are people who go through different experiences, which makes them behave differently. These help a leader understand the differences that exist among people. It is a vital experience for a leader’s growth.

Basically, a leader is someone who is willing to learn and grow through experiences and be the better version of himself.

We as human beings tend to be different. We have different personalities, habits, interests, etc. But when it comes to leadership, there are certain values that you need to inculcate in yourself. This includes treating people the right way, making sure they are motivated at all times, working towards a common goal and being available to your people.

This will make sure that they look up to you every time they are in trouble, and most importantly, they will have your back when required.

During the tough times, you will be the ray of hope for them, who can guide them from the point of struggle to the point of victory. This is the essence of any leader and something every single employee will expect in his superior.

The Ideal Business

A business during its early stage is like a baby. You need to be very careful and conscious about your decisions because decisions that you take in the start will make sure how strong your roots are.

One of the common problems faced by a business is when they start hiring. When an employee is hired, it is necessary to make sure that person is well aware about the goals, values and cultures of company. This will give him an idea as to how he should work, and the importance of his contribution. The employees will lose motivation if they feel that there’s no clear idea for the business. Moreover, most of employees who join a company hope to be a part of a business which helps the world. Therefore, the leader of the organization is expected to align the business goals (monetary) with things that have a positive impact on the world.

This is a good point to speak about in “Corporate Culture”. Culture is not something the employers or leaders make, it is something that the employee witnesses every single day. To ensure a positive culture, it is important to make sure that the right people are hired for the right jobs.

Similarly, communication is something that needs to be focused on. A lot of the things discussed between top executives never reach the employees. Transparency in communication helps maintaining a positive culture in the organization.

This can be done through one-on-one session which will make the employee comfortable in giving out their opinion. You could ask for feedback on current culture surrounding work and suggestions to make it better, this will motivate them to be better.

Henry Ford

I’ve read about some of the most famous business leaders but none of them have impressed me as much as Henry Ford. There’s something about him that makes you feel that he’s one of the most successful leader.

Ford wasn’t just someone who used to think about the end consumers. Henry Ford valued the workers at his firm as much as he valued any other person. He exemplified this by paying a good sum of money to his workers so that they could afford the cars that they make.

Henry Ford was also a firm believer of the fact that you should surround yourself with like minded people who would motivate you to be better and push your limits. He made sure he hired some very motivated personnel who would work hard, and believed in his vision for company.

The man was epitome of leadership, who valued small things and knew these were things that would help his business eclipse rest.

The Digital Age

The digital age or the modern age is moving and changing rapidly. You can get queries and opinions through digital means at any given point. From stakeholder queries to employees, you’re answerable to each question. This calls for you to be ready with the answers at any given point.

The decisions you take must be taken after a clear thinking process and should ensure that there’s genuine reason for taking a particular decision. Communication here is the key. A smooth and convincing flow of words will establish fact that you have a better idea about running the business.

This is where an in depth knowledge in history, human interaction and philosophy can do wonders for you! This is extremely important because no matter which business you are part of, you’ll always have a team with whom you’d have to interact with.

People in your team need to be understood and trained accordingly in order to get job done in an efficient way. A peoples man will always be able to get work done from his team and at the same time maintain positive attitude.


The modern world of business is a very different landscape from the past. It is constantly evolving and this calls for the leaders to be versatile. No one is born with all the qualities needed to be a leader. However, it is the ones who easily accept changes who reach the top of their industry.

Normal people become great leaders by focusing on areas that are ignored by others. This is what gives great leaders an edge over rest, which results in a positive impact on the whole business.

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