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Learn how to determine a valuable stock through Fundamental Analysis

Do you wish to learn the quickest and easiest way to determine the value of commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies? Well, by learning Fundamental analysis you can examine the ratio of a business to determine its financial health. It gives you an idea of the value of what a company’s stock could be expected to trade based on a comparative appraisal of similar companies. It is the most preferred tool to make a long-term investment in the stock market. For instance, if a stock is worth Rs 5000 based on your Fundamental analysis but trading in 3000, then you know that your stock is undervalued. It helps in identifying the overvalued and undervalued stock.  By following Fundamental Analysis, you can separate a less profitable company from an excellent company!

You can analyze the business activities of your company by analyzing its income tav statements and balance sheets. Even if you don’t plan to d an in-depth fundamental analysis yourself, understanding the key ratios and terms can help you follow stocks more closely and accurately. So, if you want to learn about Fundamental Analysis in detail, BSE Institute offers a course on this. To know more, please visit

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