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Learn to invest in stocks

Investing in stock market may seem easy but just buying and selling shares isn’t enough to get good returns. There are many elements to take into consideration before investing, starting with method of investing.

There are two ways to invest money in stock markets – either via capital appreciation or through dividends earned. People invest in shares primarily, hoping to gain from share price appreciation. The gains or profit from increasing share prices can go very high under the right circumstances. That is why investor needs to be sure of the company they are investing in. The other way to get returns from stock market investments is through dividends. Many companies distribute the whole or a part of the profit they make to shareholders in dividends. If investors hold many shares in dividend distributing companies, they can earn good money.

These are just some basics of investing, there are several other things to learn before one starts investing. Considering the need, the BSE Institute Ltd. offers Certified Investment and Stock Market Expert. To know more, visit-

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