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Online Learning At Your Fingertips


When it comes to new innovation, skepticism follows it. We have been skeptical about a lot of innovations, but eventually we get used to it. Be it using Financial technologies (Fintech), use of social media sites on phones, and the list goes on and on. Online learning platforms are today a huge hit, but there was a time when people were skeptical about them. An ever increasing number of people are opting for online courses because of various reasons. Being a cheaper option and flexible learning time are some of the most important factors that have given the virtual class an edge.

Some people doubt the online coaching platforms because they tend to believe, people who opt for such courses are lazy or not good enough to sit inside a traditional classroom. Adding to such doubts is a misconception that there are no doubt solving sessions.

Instead of drowning deep inside all the negativity and misconceptions, let’s talk about reasons why online training programmes are better than normal classroom sessions.

1- Wide range of options

Online training platforms offer a wide variety of courses to its users. This enables people from various educational backgrounds to choose a course of their liking and develop modern skills and adapt to new technologies.

The options available are vast, ranging from free digital marketing courses, software programming, various technical languages that you could learn, and even executive MBA courses from some of the top B-schools in the world.

2- Flexible learning

Anyone who has spent hours inside a classroom will tell you how difficult it is to keep your concentration levels stable throughout the lectures. It makes it difficult for people to grasp everything that has been taught during lectures.

Online learning enables you to watch and learn through online classes at your speed and time. This ensures that the person is able to focus throughout the module and better understand all the topics.

Moreover, you can pause, rewind and replay your online lectures and complete it at your own pace.

3- Learning Made Easy

There are a lot of concepts in different subjects that are hard to understand through textbooks. These concepts are simplified and shown in an interactive way through online courses, which makes it easier to understand.

Visuals that you see with your naked eyes get registered in your brain and last longer. This is something traditional methods of education can’t afford to do.

4- Flexible Schedule

Once a person gets into a corporate life, it becomes difficult for him to learn something new. The current work environment is so competitive that a few skill sets could help you stand out.

People who go to work every single day need to develop a certain skill set in order to elevate their career.

Online certificate programs are the perfect remedy for this issue. An everyday office goer can learn new skills at a time and place of his choice. With this, challenges like traveling and interference with your job schedule are completely eliminated.

5- Solving Queries

One of the misconceptions that we spoke earlier was about doubt solving sessions. Online courses have forums where candidates can clear their queries. These forums include a vast number of people from the same discipline discussing about topics and solving queries to help the candidates in need.

Training portals also have dedicated doubt solving sessions which are conducted live.

6- Benefiting Both the Parties

We have spoken about the benefits from a student perspective. Let’s talk about the benefits for a teacher.

There are teachers who have given up their profession due to some personal reason. These teachers can benefit from online courses as they can now teach from a location of their choice. This is now the source of income for many people interested in teaching and had previously given up on their careers for personal reasons.


Online learning is not a trend that will fade away with time. Ever since its introduction, the number of users have increased rapidly. This has led to new online platforms being created. The rise has even seen online degrees being issued by some of the biggest Universities on the planet.

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