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Robots vs Humans: The fight for supremacy

Robots vs Humans: The fight for supremacy

There were times when we dreamed of seeing robots doing jobs for us. Little did we know that along with making life easier for us, robots will steal our jobs. Some might argue that companies should stay loyal to its employees the same way its employees were loyal to it. Companies don’t mind taking that path, but it comes at a huge cost of losing ground to competitors. Most of the sectors out there have companies competing for supremacy, and technological changes are their path to success.

In order to stay relevant in a particular market, it is important to adapt to changes that bring efficiency and productivity.

This is also the case in the world of finance. The recent years have seen some dramatic changes in the financial sector, where robots have taken over some routine jobs. If you think this is bad news for people putting in years of work for these jobs, think again. Technology is not slowing down, and  robots are going to keep replacing many job functions.

Today, the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not breaking news. These technologies have been implemented in the capital markets. The use of such algorithms has resulted in automation of jobs in the global financial landscape.

The threat faced by the human financial experts is not simply based upon the fact that robots are way more efficient in all terms as compared to humans. It is also a fact that these experts are not trained to work alongside AI technologies.

Global financial executives and managers are aware of the changes that have taken place and the changes that are set to follow. A lot of these analysts are ready to welcome the changes by getting trained and skilled in the techniques, so that they get a chance to work using AI technologies  and remain in the position. It is quite evident that panic is setting in among professionals and the only way is to adapt and overcome.

Financial market traders, analysts, and a few other professionals are very well aware about the current. Fintech has ensured that most banking and finance facilities are now available at the fingertips of customers. Earlier, what used to take hours of standing in a line at banks is now replaced by sitting comfortably on your couch and takes a few seconds of your day.

On one hand, you have the ease of operations such as transferring money through Fintech apps, trading stocks from your phone, paying for commodities through mobile paying apps, and tones of other functions.

Apps like PayTM, Zerodha, PayZapp, etc are some wonderful examples of technology replacing many human functions. These apps today allow us to transfer funds, accept payments, buy and sell shares, mutual funds and many other market securities – from the comfort of our homes. These were tasks which would otherwise take a long time – as it involved us going out to banks and the broker’s office!

On the other hand, people are losing jobs because their jobs have been replaced by machines. This is an opportunity for us to upskill and get competitive as an economy.


The only thing permanent in this world is change. Embrace it! The overhaul that is set to take place in the financial industry is going to be rapid, and 10 years down the line, we will be witnessing changes that we never thought of.

Changes are going to happen whether you like it or not. We, at BSE Institute Limited truly believe in change and helping future experts adapt to these changes. With our GFMP Edge FinTech Professional program, get ready to be part of a disruptive new field that will change the way we live. This is your chance to be an expert, and bag high paying jobs in finance! Change, before you are forced to change!

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