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Should you pursue a mid-career management program?


When Albert Einstein was a professor at Oxford his students once asked, “Dr. Einstein, aren’t these the same questions as last year’s physics final exam?” to which the wise professor replied, “Yes, but this year the answers are different.”. Change is the most fundamental driving force behind human evolution and he who denies it or cannot keep up with the pace will inevitably be left behind. The problems of today cannot be answered with the practices of yesterday.

You may have joined an elite B-School in the early 2000s but let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much for instance the financial markets have changed in that very duration. Since the early 2000s, a string of events has defined new age practices in the field of wealth management and risk management.

From the get-go, we had problems like the war on terror which put otherwise safe risk management program practices like heavily investing in oil and natural gas at significant crosshairs on a global scale. The more famous example happens to be the 2008 financial crisis which saw significant market disruptions. For example, investment practices have shifted from personal capital investments to safer options like mutual funds and crowdfunding.

Among the many lessons the current pandemic has taught us, one is the importance of being relevant in the market right now. Not only are young recruits not been taken, but mid-career management program individuals are also at a loss with how to not only better their position but retain the same.

Under these circumstances, polishing one’s skillsets in particular domains. Now obviously we have to take into consideration the practical limitations particularly during the onset of this crisis where it is impossible for one to go attend evening classes.

Online courses have been the norm for quite some time now, not only does it save a lot of time and energy on the part of the person undertaking said course but it also helps them get the individual un-diverted access to world-class courseware which otherwise would have been difficult to attain.

The sole reason this deserves a consideration currently is because of the severe changes happening to the financial markets in the current days and the changes in wealth management, general management, and risk management program practices that the professional might witness.

A particular observation that many career specialists around the world which in start dissent with the majority opinion happens to be the idea or the will to promote a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset. Career planning should be given more attention than to just hold on to a job and allow oneself to be shielded from the opportunities that they fail to even recognize. It is a strategic step that the more mature choice makers will incline towards.

A reason why a certain field like wealth and risk management requires their most experienced practitioners to through online management courses is because of the ability of such programs, the reason being the heavy influx of technology the goes into the functioning of the financial markets of today.

This has resulted in an assessment of the skill gap and a mid-career management program online is certainly one of the most alluring opportunities that mid-level managers must undertake to be relevant in the market. In the wild west of the corporate jungle, if one cannot constantly upscale then he shall become obsolete which is not an amicable situation for any employer or employee.


With all that being said, going through such a course is not merely about learning a skill or two or about being up to date and market-relevant. Another thing that is of tremendous importance is the sheer networking opportunity such convergent platforms boast of. It is arguably one of the, if not the best step you can take to advance your career to greener pastures.

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