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Transform yourself to be an achiever in a highly competitive industry with a Masters in FinTech

There is one industry which has been dominant throughout the World in every economy cutting across decades, It is Finance. Finance is what truly impacts all major economies and industries of every colour/ shape/ size, as without Finance, it is impossible keep the factories running. Due to this influence, Finance is the most complex and competitive industry of the World. With the addition of technology to this industry, it has become even more competitive as all old rules are being broken and business model are getting disrupted. It is slowly squeezing out the ones who are not prepared for this technological revolution. In this fast paced, cut throat world it is even more important to have yourself updated and up to the mark. Hence, one must take all efforts to learn the skills and get groomed with the upcoming trends.

Keeping this very thing in mind, the BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) has introduced a Masters in FinTech by collaborating with the University of Mumbai, th oldest and the most prestigious institution of the Indian subcontinent.

The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd is a 141 year old institution that is Asia’s first stock exchange & the fastest and the largest stock exchange in World. BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) has been a pioneer in promoting a platform for genuine training and education in Financial Markets and BFSI sector. BIL is a 100% subsidiary of BSE Ltd that benefits from the vast experience of BSE. BIL is a leader in providing current and evolving standard operating procedures for business, which has given programs that reflect the realities of the industry. BIL offers multiple courses related to the BFSI industry and the Masters in Financial Technology is one such course that helps students grow in the industry of their choice.

Mumbai University is one of the oldest and the most prestigious Universities’ of India, which was established in 1857. The University has over 5.5 lakh students enrolled at any given point of time.It has the distinction of training and grooming some of the most distinguished pesonalities of the country from almost all walks of life. Adi Godrej, Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji, Chanda Kocchar, etc. who are all well known and established names of the business World have Mumbai University as their Alma Mater.

The faculties for the course include some of the most respected names of the BFSI industry. They are sought after professionals who are venerated opinion makersof the industry who are consulted before designing the curriculum of any course. The course is taught using a blended learning technique that ensures that students get a good view of how the industry works while they are in college. Students are taught using business case studies, presentations and group discussions on a daily basis.

The main subjects of the course are Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Principles of Financial Management, Peer to Peer networks, Blockchains, Digital currencies, Insuretech, Derivatives, Fund Management, Robo Advisors, Algorithmic Trading, Banking Technology & Operations, Cybersecurity applications and entrepreneurship management. Students will also get to train under some of the best industry professionals working at major financial institutions. This is a golden opportunity for students to display their competence and land a lucrative pre-placement offer.

All students will be given placement assistance. Students will be awarded a degree by the University of Mumbai. Students can learn more by clicking here.

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