Executive Courses, Financial Journalism

Who is a financial journalist?


In today’s world of well-developed and ever-refining communications and information technologies, career in the field of journalism is undoubtedly fast progressive, well-paying, and illustrious.

Journalism is said to be the mirror of the society, journalist report events that are happening around people and keep them updated with the latest information. There are many beats in journalism and one of the lucrative beat is business or finance. Business journalists are professionals who possess knowledge in the finance domain. They report, write, analyze data and give out information to the people by making it relevant and simple to understand. They report news related to the economy, finance industry and financial markets. They also play a significant role in understanding government’s financial policies and help people understand its impact.

To pursue a career as a finance or business journalist one has to have knowledge of the finance domain and should have journalistic skills. These both can be acquire through a course in financial journalism. Considering the need, the BSE Institute Ltd. offers Executive Program in Financial Journalism. To know more, visit- https://www.bsebti.com/bilx/programs/financial-journalism-online-course

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