Data Science, Undergraduate Courses

Why pursue a career in Data Science?

Data Science has become a growth catalyst for several sectors over the years. It has enhanced business operations and helped organizations make use of humongous volumes of data for better decision-making. The domain’s high demand and the innumerable applications offer career growth beyond conventional roles and have made it a very promising career prospect.

Opportunities in data science both applications to the real world and career growth, is said to grow exponentially. Data Science is ranked second among the top 20 in-demand skills, and as per data, 2021 alone witnessed over 37,000 new job offerings for machine learning engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and business analysts, among other roles.

The ever-increasing demand for Data Science experts hasn’t been met given the lack of skilled and industry-ready candidates with a knack for harnessing the power of data. To cater to this demand, the BSE Institute Ltd. offers B.Sc. in Data Science. To know more, visit-


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