Certified Data Scientist Program

Admission open for August 2022

About CDSP

About CDSP

CDSP course is for learners with limited or no statistical background, yet also structured to provide be net to analysts who interface directly with raw data. You’ll learn statistical and scientic methods for data analysis through hands-on exercises and live video instruction from our expert faculty, preparing you to make sound, evidence-based decisions that drive business performance in any function.The CDSP program will be delivered by our data science expert and will be completely hands-on and focus on real-world business scenarios. You will work on a combination of software locally installed on their Laptops and cloud based solutions.

This includes tools like Jupyter Notebook, which is an open source web application that will be used by participants to create and share documents that contain live code in Python, R and other programming languages , equations, visualizations. You will get to work on state-of-the-art data science and machine-learning platforms that will provide the budding data scientists the building blocks for creating a solution to a data science problem. The platform will provide you with all the support you need when carrying out data and analytics tasks. These tasks encompass visualization, interactive exploration, deployment, performance engineering data preparation and data access. Our data science expert will use remote desk software tools to virtually monitor your hands-onlab sessions over the Internet.


  •   Experiential Learning.
  •    Python Application
  •    Big Data case studies Data Driven Storytelling
  •    Capstone Projects.
  •    Real life project & assignment
  •    Machine Learning Application
  •    Data Analysis using R
  •    Deep Learning Project
  •    Statistical Thinking
Global Accountancy


Global Accountancy
  •   Create and interpret statistical summaries and data visualizations that support understanding and guide decision making
  •   Use data and key performance indicators to build a dashboard that uses visuals to improve your understanding of complex business situation
  •   Formulate a business question as a scientic hypothesis that can be tested using statistical methods
  •   Create and validate regression models that can be used to determine the effect of attributes on a decision and predict likely outcome
  •   Use data to describe and reduce uncertainty in decision making


Data Driven Storytelling

  •    Explore data science techniques to refine your data.
  •    Help organizations create visualizations to develop compelling stories.
  •    Present data strategically to decision-makers.
  •    Discover the power of storytelling by making data a pivotal point.

Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics

  •    Learn how statistics plays a central role in data science.
  •    Learn to extract data insights for effective business decisions.
  •    Exercise statistical thinking in designing data collection.

Advanced Analytics in R for Data Science

  •    Learn to prepare data for analysis.
  •    Learn to program in R to use in effective data analysis.
  •    Discover how to handle complex data by building R packages.

Applied Data Science with Python

  •    This course gives you an overview of Python’s data analytics tools.
  •    Data Science is an evolving field making Python a required skill.
  •    Explore foundational programming concepts of data structures using Python.

Big Data

  •    Explore techniques to handle large data.
  •    Get in-depth knowledge on Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem tools.
  •    It is a comprehensive course designed by industry experts.
  •    Work on industry cases in Retail, Social Media, Aviation, etc.

Mastering Machine Learning

  •    Learn to make accurate predictions and build intuitive machine learning models.
  •    Discover supervised learning and innovation in ML and Al.
  •    Understand a wide variety of learning algorithms.
  •    Learn to choose the right model for each problem.

Deep Learning

  •    Learn to implement deep learning algorithms.
  •    Gain knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem tools.
  •    Become familiar with fundamental concepts of artificial neural networks.
  •    Interpret results and build your own Deep Learning project.

CDSP Course Curriculum

  •   Data Driven Storytelling
  •   Deep Learning
  •   Big Data
  •   Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics
  •   Advanced Analytics in R for Data Science
  •   Applied Data Science with Python
  •   Mastering Machine Learning

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Proforma Certificate

After successful course completion, the participant is awarded with dual certification from BSE Institute.


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