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What are CISI exams:

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK and in a growing number of financial centres globally. Evolved from the London Stock Exchange, CISI now has more than 40,000 members in 89 countries. In the past year, CISI set almost 39,000 examinations in 68 countries, covering a range of vocational qualifications.

The CISI is widely acknowledged as the main provider of qualifications for the securities and investment industry. It offers a wide-ranging programme of qualifications for employees working in, or aspiring to work in, the financial services industry. Its mission is to set standards of conduct and ethics for participants in the securities and investments industry, and to providing qualifications for such professionals.

How they are useful:
The Institute offers qualifications, training and industry membership. As the main examining body for the industry, the Institute provides vocational qualifications. Over 40,000 CISI qualifications are taken every year in over 70 countries at Computer Based Test (CBT) centres worldwide. CISI also offers a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme to members of all levels of seniority, geographical location and industry specialisation. CISI produces publications and workbooks, runs conferences and seminars and in-house training courses.

The Institute is a registered charity and has the following charitable objects:
"To promote, for the public benefit, the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of securities and investments to develop high ethical standards for practitioners in securities and investments and to promote such standards in the UK and overseas to act as an authoritative body for the purpose of consultation and research in matters of education or public interest concerning investment in securities."

CISI exams were developed specifically for those wishing to move on into higher education. It aims to provide individuals with knowledge and understanding of the key characteristics, mechanisms and influences on financial markets and institutions. The CISI Certificates are qualifications designed to assist individuals working in the securities and derivatives markets to obtain FCA "Approved Person" status.

CISI relevance in India:
The CISI has an established office in India that supports on-going growth in CISI qualifications and membership. The Institute recognises the demand for qualified and competent candidates to support India's growing financial services industry. It endeavours to help individuals and firms to attain and maintain high standards of competence, behaviour and integrity. With India fast becoming a global hub for operations staff in the financial services sector, CISI qualifications such as the IT in Investment Operations (ITIO) and the Investment Operations Certificate (IOC) have seen a high uptake within the business process outsourcing and IT sectors.

The CISI has supported its development with a wide range of qualifications covering both front and back office functions. In India, 50 of the leading banks, their subsidiaries, outsourcing firms and service providers sign up for CISI qualifications.
To visit cisi website : CISI

Standard Registration Process :

Step 1 - New user needs to register their details in the attached excel sheet and send it thru email to

Step 2 - Make payment thru NEFT or DD in favor of BSE Institute Ltd. payable at Mumbai and submit : BSE Institute Ltd. 18th & 19th floor,
P. J. Tower, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001 Ph. 2272 8062 / 8856

Beneficiary’s Name BSE INSTITUTE LTD
Beneficiary’s Address 25TH FLOOR, P J TOWERS, DALAL STREET, FORT, MUMBAI – 400 001.
Beneficiary’s Bank HDFC BANK
Beneficiary’s Bank address FORT, MUMBAI
Beneficiary’s Nature of Bank Account CURRENT ACCOUNT
Beneficiary’s Bank Account No. 15770340008409
Beneficiary’s Bank Br. IFSC (Code) HDFC0000060
Service Tax Registration No. (if applicable) AAECB2964MSD001
Kindly provide Reference no. thru email ( for verification of payment received by BSE Institute Limited.

Step 3 - The candidate will get the confirmation slip thru email on their respective email id.

Step 4 - Candidate will have to give preferable slot time. The candidate will be given preferred slot time subject to availability or the nearest slot time will be given.

Step 5 - The candidate need to carry Government approved photo id proof at the time of exam. e.g. PAN Card. Passport, Driving License

*** Above mentioned all steps are mandatory to take the test. The candidates shall not be allowed to take the test if they miss any of the above mentioned steps