Corporate Programs and Courses in BSE Institute Ltd.

Corporate Programs


Corporate learning is in a constant state of transformation. Where and how we learn, the roles and responsibilities of staff, supporting technologies and systems - all are continually evolving. As learning shifts away from formal training opportunities and closer to actual work activity, it's critical that we create continuous learning environments for employees. With the complexities of the business world and the rapid change that we see around us, it is often necessary to fine tune learning to address specific needs of your employees. This requires the design and development of custom programs that specifically examines:

  • The performance outcomes to be produced.
  • The work context where the learner produces them.

  • Hence our customized programs examine the work context where the moments of learning need take shape. And acknowledge the fact that, individualized learning moments reflect upon the level of knowledge, skill, and capability of the learner.

    A BSE Institute Ltd. customized program is tailor-made to ensure that you and your team are ready to meet the unique threats and challenges your organization faces and are ready to maximize your business opportunities.

    With more than 20 years of experience of delivering customized programs for many of the leading organizations in the industry, it is a unique experience, from first contact through to delivery. Customized programs offered by us are designed to meet the specific needs of client organizations.

    The Institute partners with client organizations, not only to disseminate state-of-art knowledge to all their managerial personnel through various customized programs, but also in problem solving. One of the distinctive elements of the programs we design and conduct for corporate partners is the Live Learning component. As a part of the program, company personnel study live challenges confronted by the company and generate solutions under the guidance of the institute's faculty. The purpose is to achieve both individual and organizational learning simultaneously and more importantly, to make things happen.

    Our valued partners in customized programs include corporations across industries and across levels. Topics listed under Open Programs can also be customized to suit your requirements for a group of executives.