Corporate Programs and Courses in BSE Institute Ltd.

Corporate Programs


We create custom designed courses using instructional design best practices, and a rigorous process that leads to superior courses delivered against predictable timelines. Client success is assured through appropriate tollgates and approvals at each step.

In many ways, we are defined by our innovative approach to designing and deploying learning programs. Using our proprietary methodology – we help organizations and training departments take a fact-based approach in deciding what to teach. And once those decisions are made, our approach translates the most important concepts into learning scenarios, conveyed through interactive learning environments using games and simulations. This creates opportunities for learners to practice targeted skills in a realistic but safe environment that recreates the conditions that lead to common mistakes, experience the consequences of those mistakes, and receive coaching on how to do better.

Our methodology uses empirical data to identify the most important issues that a course should focus on. By identifying the most common and costly mistakes made by novices deploying target skills in the real world, and performing a root-cause analysis to determine the underlying causes of these mistakes, our methodology tells you exactly what content will have the most significant business impact.