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What is Global Accounting ?

Global Accountancy

Diversity in accounting practices across countries makes it difficult to prepare consolidated financial statements for companies with foreign operations. A Company lets say, while headquartered in Michigan, conducts business on six continents, has multiple facilities, in more than 100 countries, across different time zones, with each subsidiary preparing financial statements in accordance with their local regulations and in their local currency.

Not only does this company have to reconcile the accounting practices with its parent country like the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), if their stock is traded in a foreign capital market, they need to report their consolidated financial statements in accordance with local GAAP, or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

All of the options make it difficult for the users of the financial statements to compare information from different companies, and requires accountants who prepare and audit financial statements to be fluent in multiple sets of accounting standards.

From an accounting perspective in a global economy it makes sense to have one set of global accounting standards.

Why learn Global Accounting ?

We are facing a multitude of challenges globally, from budgetary pressures and revenue limitations to intense scrutiny of public finances, all at the same time as rapidly increasing demand for high-quality accounting services.

The global accountancy profession, with its public interest mandate, has a critical role to play in helping to address these challenges by ensuring transparency and accountability in financial management. With increased financial interdependencies between countries, homogenous ways of accountingand reporting on governmental activities are needed in order to have coordinated policy decisions and budgeting procedures, as well as comparable accounting of budget execution.

To address these requirements, the BSE Institute has launched the Global Accountancy Professional Program (GAPP).

Global Accountancy

Job Opportunities for Global Accounting

Global Accountancy

It’s no longer adequate for the industry’s CFOs to be bean-counters whose top skill is creating spreadsheets. They must understand strategy and have a thorough knowledge of how the entire business works.

The scope of a bright career and secure future that leads to financial freedom is on the rise. Thecompanies (all sizes and might) are becoming more and more aware of the Global accounting Standards, its repute and value as an international standard.

Top MNCs inclusive of the BIG FOURS that engage with international clients have large requirement for candidates trained in Global Accounting. Apart from them, the core companies such as TATA, BARCLAY’S, STANDARD CHARTERED, BDO, GRANT THORNTON etc are also recruiting students with knowledge of global accounts.

The various job profiles that a student can follow after the successful completion of GAPP course in India

  •   Investment Advisory
  •   Risk Advisory
  •   Audit and Assurance
  •   Accounting Advisory
  •   Internal Audit
  •   Taxation
  •   Corporate Finance etc.

Program Objectives

Use advanced accounting knowledge to address organizational issues.

Evaluate complex accounting situations.

Assess emerging and global accounting issues that can contribute to organizational success.

Articulate a process for making ethical decisions

The experts teach by lecturing & demonstrating.

Program Outcome

  •   100% Online – with Live Virtual Classroom.
  •   Learn from best practitioners/ experts from comfort of your home.
  •   Cutting edge syllabus as per industry needs.
  •   Convenient timings for online programs.
  •   Course has built in assignments and real life case study.
  •   Experiential learning, Learn -> Apply-> Reflect.
  •   Gain in-depth knowledge of corporate responsibility, strategic planning, and loss prevention and become an accounting expert.
  •   Course Maps to modules for ACCA EXAM.

GAPP Course Curriculum

  •   Business Environment
  •   Management Accounting
  •   Financial Accounting
  •   Corporate and Business Law
  •   Performance Management
  •   Taxation
  •   Financial Reporting s(FR)
  •   Audit and Assurance (AA)
  •   Financial Management (FM)

Placement Highlights

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