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International Programs

Conducted Abroad

Globalization is the major factor influencing the domestic financial markets. With deregulation of the financial markets taking place across the world; financial services, institutional framework and the nature & scope of financial instruments is undergoing rapid and dramatic changes. India with its comprehensive framework of financial institutions and instruments is emerging as a leading player in emerging market finance. However, a great scope exists to further expand the reach and competitiveness in business development and performance.

In an increasingly competitive world, successful professionals need to understand the sophistication and subtleties of international finance markets, global best practices and techniques. These outbound international programmes will take you beyond understanding cutting-edge financial market concepts, to applying conceptually sound techniques for obtaining an edge over competition. It provides an unprecedented and unique opportunity to learn comprehensive, state-of-the- art financial thinking and techniques, practiced in the rapidly growing and diversified international markets.

Decisive moments define a BSE Institute Ltd. International programme. Here, everything from case studies, to field-based learning to international immersions, culminates in one larger lesson – what it means to assume leadership within an ever-growing, ever-changing world of financial markets. This programme does so through off-campus professional development opportunities committed to the pedagogy of experiential learning. Specifically, this programme facilitates the transmission of key ideas through applied projects, active learning exercises, and the expert guidance of global experts.

This programme will use an experiential learning approach, which is the process of making meaning from direct experience. As a participant you will learn about the functioning of the international financial markets through observation and interaction with the environment through study visit and walk and talk tours at wide range of institutions in the realm of Securities Market Regulation, Securities Exchange Commission / Financial Service Authorities, Stock Exchange, Investment / Commercial and Development Bank, Central Bank, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Corporate and Consulates / High Commission / Embassy.