Comprehensive Investing Strategies for Capital Markets


A distrust of fundamental data, being rocked by accounting shenanigans, and constant exposure to market volatility has created the demand for enhanced valuation techniques, such as Fusion Analysis. Fusion Analysis blends some of the best aspects of fundamental, technical, behavioral and quant strategies to exploit profitable opportunities in market investing. Fusion is designed to be used by both long-term investors and traders. Its use can be applied to both the capital markets and alternative investments.

  • • Market return/risk characteristics within the context of the Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • • Major market valuation models will be compared to major technical models in terms of buy/sell points
  • • Value and Growth valuation theories
  • • Behavioral finance and psychological considerations
  • • Fundamental investment concepts
  • • The valuation models will be discussed with such technical concepts as Dow Theory, Head and Shoulders, moving averages, volume confirmations, momentum, money flows and sentiment
  • • Bubble Theories
  • • Derivative strategies and spread trading
  • • Market Neutral strategies
  • • Events in fundamentals will be combined with opportunistic trades from technical inputs
  • • Creating various screening criteria that complement an investment objective

Target Audience

  • Hedge fund professionals
  • • Asset allocation specialists
  • • Alternative investment managers
  • • Portfolio managers;
  • • Traders
  • • Investment analysts

16 Hours

Rs. 12,000

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