Mergers and Acquisitions : Strategies and Execution


The program has been designed to help you examine a wide range of issues, including corporate strategy, industry economics, finance, valuation and post-acquisition management.

We empower you to identify the M&A opportunities that add value to your business, select the best partners and get the maximum reward from the deal.

This programme is a must if your firm is embarking on mergers – it gives you the tools to use mergers and acquisitions to build your business and add real, long-term value. But it’s also relevant if you’ve already been involved in M&A activity, as the systematic, focused approach enables you to codify yourknowledge and pass it on to your peers – as well as benefitting from freshinsights and the latest research.

Key Takeaways :

  • Learn to develop a strong acquisitions strategy and finance a deal. Raise your game to deliver improved growth and shareholder value.
  • Judge whether a merger or acquisition fits with your corporate strategy, and what kind of companies you should consider.
  • Learn to determine a company’s worth, both in itself and to your organisation. Make bold, knowledge-based decisions on human, cultural and system issues.
  • Investigate valuations and buyouts, different corporate valuation techniques, highly leveraged transactions and deal capacity.

Concept of Business Combinations

Types of Business Combinations:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Slump Sale
  • Franchise Arrangements
  • Consortiums
  • Public Private Partnerships

Motives of Mergers & Acquisitions

Types of Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Horizontal Mergers
  • Vertical Mergers

Friendly Acquisitions & Hostile Acquisitions

Structures of Acquisitions

  • Cash Buy Out
  • Swaps
  • Hybrid deals

Funding Considerations

  • Leveraged Buy Outs

Valuation Mechanism

  • Valuation of listed companies
  • Valuation of unlisted companies ( DCF method)

Due Diligence

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence

Nuances of Shareholder’s Agreements & Share Purchase Agreements

  • Corporate Executives in marketing, production and non-finance functions
  • Sales Executives
  • Client Servicing Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Customer Support Executives and Call Centre Executives of financial products in banks and other financial intermediaries.
  • Direct Sales Associates operating in the financial services industry Investors
  • 30 Hours

    Rs. 15,000

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