Using Option Chain Analysis for Intraday Trading


Most of the traders would be actively trading in options, but very few understand how to make use of option chain data.

Learning how to read an option chain is a vital component to options trading. Many traders lose money because they don't fully understand option chains.

An option chain is essentially a list of all the stock option contracts available for a given security (stock).

There are only two types of stock option contracts, puts and calls, so an option chain is essentially a list of all the puts and calls available for the particular stock you're looking at.

Whether a trader is looking to pad a long position by writing a covered call or buy a protective put for shares that the trader has shorted, knowing how to read an option chain should precede either one of these potential strategies. The option chain lists the available call and put strike prices for an underlying security.


  • Analysing Open Interest
  • Exploring Option Time value & Intrinsic value
  • Evaluating Option Chains
  • Determining how to read Open Interest for Intraday Trading
  • Building your Intraday Strategy based on OI Analysis
  • Identifying how to determine the accurate direction of the price movement instantly
  • Exploring how to decide entry and exits with the help of option chain in intraday trading
  • Identifying & avoiding the traps and sudden direction change in price movement
  • Making consistent profit & build wealth by trading Index Stocks
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