Anti Money Laundering


Financial industry professionals, have a core role to play in preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Strong financial crime management practices can be considered one of the most powerful devices against financial crime. Good practices can help identify and prevent perpetrators and terrorists from carrying out their criminal plans. This training program is designed to raise your awareness about development’s in the domain of money laundering risk identification and mitigation. And to provide you with the knowledge and skills to identify suspicious transactions potentially related to money laundering or terrorist financing.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of banking procedures and policies

1. Concept & Offence of Money Laundering

2. Statue for Anti Money Laundering in India (PMLA)

3. Process of Money Laundering : Colouring & layering

4. FATA Recommendations for AML & CFT – International practices

5. Reporting entities and their obligations in respect of maintenance of records & reporting

6. PMLA Rules

7. Regulator’s directives (SEBI & RBI)

8. Customer Acceptance Procedures & Customer Due Diligence – Risk Profiling

9. Identification of Beneficial Owners

10. Identification of Suspicious Transactions

11. Anti Money Laundering Policy

12. Role of Related Party Transactions in Money Laundering

13. Action by Enforcement Agencies

14. Attachment of Properties

15. Punishment for Money Laundering

16. AML implications on Cross Border Transactions

17. Corporate Frauds – Implication of provisions of Companies Act under PMLA

18. Capital Market Manipulations – Implication of Security Market Regulations under PMLA

19. Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code - Implications under PMLS

20. Case Studies:

  • • PMC Bank – HDIL case
  • • Yes Bank - Rana Kapoor case
  • • Nirav Modi PNB fraud
  • • Bank of Baroda Case – FIU order
  • • Ponzi Schemes – Sharda Scam
  • 1. Senior Executives from Banks
  • 2. Corporate Executives
  • 3. Treasury Managers
  • 4. Insurance Companies
  • 5. New/recently-appointed NOs
  • 6. Compliance officers, Internal auditors
  • 7. Financial crime and risk officers
  • 8. Capital Market Intermediaries
  • 9. Students and Investors
  • 12 Hours

    Rs. 12,000

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