Factoring – for EffectiveCash Management


In today’schallenging times companies are constantly trying to innovate new ways to enhances their cash management rather than having to access external credit lines. One of the ways that companies can better manage their cash requirements is through utilization of factoring services. The course will help one understand the concept of factoring and the various ways that we can utilize factoring services offered by different market players.

1. Understanding Cash Management

2. What isFactoringand emergence of factoring services

3. Types of factoring and difference from other discounting services

4. Market players providing factoring services

5. Identifying best suitable factoring model

6. Case Study

  • 1. Senior Executives from Banks
  • 2. Corporate Executives
  • 3. Treasury Managers
  • 4. Insurance Companies
  • 5. New/recently-appointed NOs
  • 6. Compliance officers, Internal auditors
  • 7. Financial crime and risk officers
  • 8. Capital Market Intermediaries
  • 9. Students and Investors
  • 12 Hours

    Rs. 12,000

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