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EXCHANGE- The essence of the union of Literature with Finance.

A year has passed since these two diverse worlds came together and created an explosion of colours- a celebration through and through!

The response was overwhelming, and we couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who graced us with the presence and made this such a special experience!

Collaborative effort has always been key; you inspire us, we strive to create, and together we make it a reality!

Welcome back to the one-of-its-kind celebration of Art!

BSE Institute is proud to announce the second edition of our very own literary and art festival- Dalal Street Lit Fest Exchange!

An exchange of words, thoughts, and expressions!

This year too, our goal shall be to deliver the most wholesome and well-rounded experience; something for all to enjoy!

The fest presents to you an array of workshops to choose from, talks and discussions in the presence of some truly inspirational personalities, and also performances by aspiring artists of all genres.

We would be honoured to have you be a part of this celebration with us, since it would only make this experience even more memorable!

Witness this unique exchange on the 19th and 20th of December, 2018.