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Research Series Papers

The Research Series allows the subject matter experts to present original research or scholarly activity to the campus community.  The presentations are delivered by individuals who have undertaken original research or created unique work utilising their discipline's methodologies. This series will look at how financial research is adapting and innovating to keep the Indian economy growing and tackle the country's inefficiencies. The series exhibits BSE Institute Ltd's research quality and breadth.

Polarisation or Jobless Growth

Structural Changes and Employment Trends in the Indian Labour Market: Evidence from the National Sample Survey

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Caste-based Discrimination and Earning Differentials

Theil and Oaxaca Decomposition Analysis for the Indian Labour Market

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Gender Discrimination and the Biased Indian Labour Market

Wage and Occupational Inequalities in Regular and Casual Workers: Evidence from the National Sample Survey

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Inflation Outlook: Time to worry about inflation?

Treasury Research

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A comprehensive study on the performance of Indian rupee against the US dollar in the foreign exchange market as an indicator of economic performance vis-à-vis the GDP, trade balances and others since 2005
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