About US

Learning in practice
The classroom sessions are a combination of lively case study discussions, learning through mind - mapping sessions, presentations, hands on simulation exercises and theoretical learning. This ensures that learning at BSE Institute is an enriching experience. To experience our learning sessions is to explore the issues that matter in order to develop a holistic view and make informed decisions with foresight on the impact of the decision made.

The course will enable you to enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to analyze and address complex situations. In every case, class, event and activity, you are not only required to develop new skills, but also to demonstrate it.

Blended Learning
Our Blended Learning Programs are aimed at having the highest impact, lowest cost way to drive major corporate learning initiatives. It offers participants the advantages of face to face learning along with those of technology based learning. We design blended learning programs that:

  • Are well-structured (the different levels of the program are well-defined and scheduled in advance)
  • Take advantage of best-in-class media of the day (using simulation labs that demonstrate the broking desk operations of BSE’s BOLT or United Stock Exchange’s currency broking desk operations, computer labs, projector rooms for students).
  • Save time, since part of the learning can be done by learners directly from their desktop
  • Help create a social culture (participants spend a lot of time interacting with each other)
  • Use demonstration and experiential learning (case studies, group discussions, presentations and others)

Our curriculum is continuously updated keeping in line with the industry trends, regulatory guidelines and global best practices. We have a panel of industry stalwarts and academicians who review and help evolve our curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of the industry professionals.

Our curriculum is designed to keep in sync with our blended learning approach. The academic sessions cover the latest and essential theories of financial markets. The practical sessions focus on the current market scenario. The faculty aims to draw lessons from the current as well as historic market activities to give the students an understanding of how the market has evolved to its present day scenario and help the students develop skills that will drive the future course of the financial markets.

Our learner - centered, participant - directed learning approach is as stimulating for the participants as it is for the faculty. The use of case studies and hands on exercises ensure that the learning is complete and the right skills are imparted.

We have arrived at this teaching methodology after intense research in the best teaching practices around the world. We recognize the need for the right blend of theory and practice in teaching, especially for a subject like Financial Markets, where, although the basic principles never change, new techniques, practices and organizational structures frequently evolve to meet ever changing needs of the markets and its various participants.