Mr. Ashishkumar Chauhan
MD & CEO, BSE Limited

Message from Managing Director of BSE Limited

I take the pleasure to welcome you to the world of International Finance. The last few years have witnessed significant changes in financial markets and increased volatility in returns on risky assets. This new environment presents both a challenge as well as opportunity to skilled financial professionals. The industry is looking for finance professionals who can thrive in a world of uncertainty, risk and constant changes.

India has been ranked as ninth important market currently across the globe. The country is also seen as the third important future market with more and more inter country involvements to be seen in the coming years. As far as the international business community is concerned, Education and Training industry is on top priority with regards to Indian markets.

BSE Limited is Asia’s first & fastest Stock Exchange with the speed of 6 microseconds and one of India’s leading exchange groups. With more than 5000 companies listed on BSE, it the world’s No.1 exchange in terms of listed members.

Our international programs aim to create internationally expert graduates and to engage in global activities that develop knowledge which improves lives and communities.

The Master of International Finance programme offered by Deakin University (Australia) and The Master of Applied Finance/ Master of Business Administration offered by Western Sydney University (Australia) are specifically intended to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in applied finance. The curriculum is carefully designed to strike a good balance between theory and practice. As part of the Master of International Finance, you can make a choice out of the elective units, which gives you the aBSEity to explore the areas of finance and business that relate to your personal interests and career goals. The MBA/MAF dual degree offers a comprehensive range of core units equipping graduates with skills and knowledge necessary for careers in the finance, banking and investment sectors. Upon completion of the programme, students would have acquired a firm foundation in economic and financial theories as well as state-of-the-art quantitative financial skills.

The Master of Finance (MSc.) is offered by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Germany) in collaboration with BSE Institute Limited. This collaboration is our second such association with German institutions of great repute – Deutsche Bourse AG being a long term strategic investor and partner with BSE. This collaboration of our education subsidiary BSE Institute Limited with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is another milestone in our endeavour to bring global best practices to our fold. We also have another program, Masters in Management, with Frankfurt, which gives the student to select concentrations from Digital Business, Strategy Consulting, Banking and Manufacturing. I am confident that we will maintain this continual progress in the long-term with an increasing confidence of the market players towards the course graduates.

My best wishes as you enter the rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience!